Pop Music

I was surprised to find this song. I normally don’t like J-pop because I can’t stand the high pitch vocals and crappy instrumentals, but this was really smoothing.

I love a majority of pop music made in the 60s and earlier. Even the boy bands who emulated The Beatles had some solid tunes.

can’t get enough Princess Chelsea since seeing her live - one of the best shows I’ve been to this year

if anyone’s got recommendations for stuff in the same vein that’s both cute and menacing, I’m all for it

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i dont even care this is such a banger


yeah, I’m all over Princess Chelsea (weirdly attracted to her as well)

love the vocals on this synthy track.

few more bits I’ve been digging lately

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I actually learned to play this on ukulele last year.


so much good music in this thread
Molzie those were all great, fantastic

thread needs some Micachu:

an old favourite I’ve recently re-discovered:

and this is something new

Really feeling this new Toro bit

never heard this Santigold track before:

never really got into her stuff but this one is huge - beat is fire

^ yeah, that one is sick.

This ones a persie

and this

she’s playing at Dour Festival, wasn’t planning to see her at first but think I’ll go, interested to see a live show.

MØ’s also playing, really like this track but not really keen on other stuff I’ve heard, undecided

heard this remix on the radio the other day. nice jam

not really pop but oh well

I guess this is pop compared to anything else on here that is linked seriously. Really feeling this jam tho…

new M.I.A. is ace

didn’t expect something that good from her in 2015 tbh, didn’t really feel anything she did after Kala but this is pure class