Post & Comment (Rap mixed with Dubstep)

Here is my take on combining rap and dubstep together. Any input is greatly appreciated.

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snare gets on my nerves a bit but thats just me probably. ease up on the slapback effect though cause it will sound bad at high volume. get rid of the vocals, you have a fairly solid instrumental here. arrangement feels a bit off too but you have all the pieces to work it out.

Mixdown seems a little off, like there are elements which are at different volumes to each other. Vocal sounds a little muffled towards the back end especially.

yeah personally i don’t really get the vocal, but it sits alright in the tune.

Nice input man. Thanks for everything. I’ll take that inconsideration…This vocal doesn’t fit huh ?

It sounds fine, just needs to be mixed down better like tabasco said.

word man will do. Thanks for the input. Really appreciate it .

Thanks man

I was having a little problem with the vocals so I had a buddy mix them, I couldn’t get them right.

Your comping string thing covers up the vocals. Your vocals are too muffled sounding, I would eq them down around 200-300hz just a tad and then add a saturator or maybe very very light distortion to the top end of them to give them a little air and brightness. I think everything else sounds pretty good.