Post tunes from when you were a noob to grime music

Before all this there was stuff by people like Dizzee, Oddz, Wiley and Kano, but I don’t think I started to feel particularly invested in the music until stuff like this and learning that the people making it were from my part of the city and close to me in age. Lots and lots of strings loooool

There was also this one tune I had saved as “Coco Riddem” by Stimpy, but I’ve never been able to find it since limewire (RIP).
If anyone knows what it is/has it and could share the love, I’d be eternally indebted to you.

I think I’ve been over this a few times on this forum but my first introduction to grime was BBK stuff in 2007-2008. I loved it but lost interest after a while only to move to something completely different. Wish I had kept on listening to grime I’d be a mad don today lol

How did you come across it? Internet, or?

jme- serious
bbk- too many man
lethal b- pow
more fire crew - oi
tempa t- next hype
slk - north weezy was a big one around school (a lot of people lived in hampstead lol)

liked some a bit, really only got into it through dubstep later on

(crying underwater is still a banger)

North weezy! How could I forget. Funny 'cos hampstead isn’t somewhere I’d typically associate with urban music lol. Then again, neither is most of Harrow.

no as in it’s not, it’s a lovely place- just not the north weezy slk had in mind haha

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Yeah fosho I saw the video for duppy and then looked em up on myspace. I remember thinking every tune bangs so much and got a couple of friends into it as well