Post your best mixing tips/advice here

I feel like a noob at mixing dubstep tunes, so post any thing that you use to make your dubstep tunes better.

It would be good to here a song or two from you for reference. Mixing and Mastering is a very broad topic so it depends largely on your current skill level.

Everything you need to know is in this thread or sub threads of this thread…happy reading.


^ hahaha this is why I stick around here :joy:

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it ain’t fat until is sausage fat…thats what I always say. Actually…BA once said…if it isn’t redlining you aren’t headlining. True story.

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Don’t spend an hour listening to the same loop without tweaking anything cause you think you’re a don. Time is of the essence, get shit done quickly. It’s amazing how quickly your ears become useless.


I have been producing for 7 weeks and dj bumboklaat played one at his night, all 11 people there were going nuts



yo, how much are you guys bouncing to audio, im really struggling with a track with 3 synths (mid/high arpeggiator, mid/high synth playing the chords of the arpeggiator, low mid/bass synth and sub bass) i think i got an issue with grouping the first 2 and 2nd 2 into groups and compressing together

but would you have these synths bounced, they’re very heavy on effects using returns and on the tracks themselves, it’s making stuff a bit slow but not disastrously, would they be easier to mix in audio not midi (i generally avoid bouncing and resampling from abletons synth etc in case i wanna go back and tweak it)

There’s your problem - trust in yourself enough to commit to a sound at a certain point, then bounce to audio for mixdown/mastering.

Assuming you’re not deleting the original project, you can always revisit later.


or get a fuck-off computer so you don’t have to bounce…i rarely have to bounce cos my cpuz are 1337


but is it useful beyond saving cpu? (if im honest i’d probably duplicate the track before freezing flattening then disable it, i prefer to be safe than sorry and lost progress)

wise. I make a new version of every project i make, every session, so I can go back to the previous session if i get too waved and fuck it all up

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You can do what culprate does and chop it up to have some glitchy effects. Or do some last minute editing. The thing with bouncing is that you have to be happy with the sound of whatever you’re bouncing. If you bounce something, don’t like it, and go back to change something, you’ll be spending more time on something that could’ve been ok from the get go.

I like to leave the bedroom ‘studio’ and go into the next room to judge the snares loudness.

Like you know how a kick goes through a floor above or a wall or something - - - balance that with the snare!

voila etc

(sort of the same a s mixing a few elements really quietly… can be very useful because we tend to listen for tone a lot)

that sounds cool, i quite often lie down on the bed to try and get the feel of the bass, need to start checking shit from about the room more

do you guys struggle with ending up with a shit mixdown because you end up getting really sick of the tune you’re working on?

got tunes i think are good and want to finish but cant summon up the enthusiasm to see the project file again…

think it was easier when i was making shit more like 2mins in length with fewer elements, could have it wrapped so fast

you learn to mixdown while you’re working more and more - i think.

you get a feeling for what kind of elements need what treatment … and then become more of an expert as to what just has to go. .

there’s specific stuff that just doesnt gel - like a tonal but ringy hat or something overly de-tuned - that you learn to scrap immediately
but ‘it’s’ still within a scale going from fixable to tinitus imo


yeah my usual method is start with kick then add drum sounds so i’ve already got the kick at right volume and build the track around it, that worked well but i got lazy this week starting from the synth samples and focusing on them and the track

i also realised when using sidechains and compression in general i dont need to squash the input down and raise the output as much/at all, think that didn’t help the sound of the tune at all

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it makes sense to do that sure

but there’s A LOT of times where you can get some more headroom by just having the kicks themselves hide out behind the sub - - - because they both eat up a lot of freq, innit. .

but yeah a kick is a good ‘anchor’ just remember/consider that everybody (even people whos sound we dig) is competing for that spot of bass

maybe it’s useful to at times -consider the kick as part of the bass - - mixwise firstly, but also arrangement wise…

(all this might be obvious ofcourse)