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i’m no spam m808

Nice !

Kinda like a medley tho, not sure if it’s one song but I think that’s what your going for maybe, like a collage of different styles ?

Not sure about the expletives either but I guess it’s all part of the the style,

Some really nice filter sweeps n things, transitions between the different styles are nice n smooth too

Like the lil speech at the start, ominous !

Think your snare could come up (in volume) a little bit, or maybe the “yoi” wants to come down slightly… the synth melody is cute, trancey !

The little white noise drops between transitions work really well :slight_smile:

Nice :+1:

Sounds dark from the intro !

Kinda got a bit of a RSD ‘vibe’ going on, sounds a bit similar to Toasty boy too, the drum work that is, both two people to check out if you haven’t already, may give you a bit of inspiration,

Love the bit that comes in after the bloke says “triple 6” the wiggly synth ! Nice af :slight_smile:

Sounds nice at a low volume which is always a good sign I guess :slight_smile:

Working on a thing.
No EQ or nothing yet, just working on the structure and sounds.
It’ll probably end up being 16 bars between bass drops, not 8.

Android Riddim

Might be odd to pick this out but I really like the 808 snare, sounds and sits really nice, something I never seem to be able to achieve :slight_smile:

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It’s not EQ’d or anything. I just plonked it in there to get the structure sounding good.
I can send you the 808 sample pack it is from if you want it?

That’s usually the case tbh ! Whenever I mess with anything like eq n that it starts sounding s**t ! That would be ace if you had the time man thank you :slight_smile:

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Spooky :slight_smile:

Love the panning percussion on the intro…

The way you introduce the “drop” is sick too, didn’t expect it to be slightly delayed a bit…

Did not seem to take too much time to listen too either which is always a good sign… kinda rolls along nicely

Vocal sample is nice too

Dig this! Meditative without being boring. I really like your use of space.

Here is a recent one of mine.

Finally! found a site to host my song :corndance:


Almost finished.
Needs a bit of EQ’ing in the higher freqs and I think the sub is too high but it’s pretty much there.
Been working on it too long… time to move on.


Giddy- Grippa. Finished this one last year, just got round to uploading it.


Was wanting make a dramatic dubstep song. :mrgreen:

The Thing - Dramatic Dubstep

Recently I have been making more short tracks rather than whole songs, kind of practicing.

Here is a Riddim track for ya
Build To Drop #2 - Head Banga [Dubstep Riddim]