Post your'e music

heres a track i made earlier this year

Nevoy - Flam (Dubstep)

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These tunes will open up doors to whole new worlds for you.
Sampling great scientists from Shini Somara to Michio Kaku, my beats are ranging in style from
scientific to meta-physical. Again, a lot of mental doors will open for you if you listen
to my music.

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made this earlier today !!!

rough version at the mo

@Justin_Jolly Very, loud, try to re-master the sound a bit, made my sennheisers vibrate, interesting concept, perfect if your going for comedy

@Aston_Hargreaves I like it, the overall smooth movement throughout the track is nice, though you should add on a bit more on the later half, gets a bit tedious, but i like the low adrenaline sweep style of the track

Idle is fire.

Bet you haven’t heard this gem --> Bassnectar - Timestretch ( I’ll Follow You) x You & Me (When They See)

Hide & Seek x Lights (Bassnectar Midnight Drop Mix)

Take Me Higher

Sean’s World

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It’s a mixture of heacy with baile funk from Brazil. Hope you like it : )

Track I Started earlier today. Need some honest feedback.

Alright, i need some feedback on my music. Anyone who listens to it, thanks. I’ll just start off by posting one of my songs.

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Listen to Arcanum - Chikara by Arcanum #np on #SoundCloud

Yo I don’t know how to post those kool little players in here… but I make music at

Any feedback or support is appreciated!