Post your'e music

idk but i remember sending some pre masters to you and nothing went further

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oh shit shots fired


Where’s the playlist of like 9 tracks? I been meaning to go on about a listen.

Newest production Competition is GO

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did you send them as a soundcloud link? :badteeth:

3rd degree ooff

Broken Blades - iBlackedOut

Give me some feedback!


Nice perc stuff.

Can someone give me some feedback on any of my tracks on my new release “Eccentricity”?

Here is the link: Broken Blades - Eccentricity

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It’s kinda like listening to Coki

do you really want feedback if you already distributed the tunes all over the big music streaming places?

I would actually really like feedback haha, so I could consider them when I’m making more tracks in the future

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I gotchu dude. What’s is ur fav tune on there and ur less fav one. But anyway I’ll take some listens and give a bit of feedback

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Shiit I mean you should listen to Electric Factory and I mean shit they’re all kinda different, Standing on The Edge maybe?

yes lol

tried to flip this was fucking hard as the acapella still had parts of the piano playing

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i think wishing is my favorite. you have good song writing but i feel like most of the sounds have too much highs for me and feel harsh. also id like to hear more focus on the drums

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grab the bandcamp stuff!

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I appreciate your feedback man, I will keep these in consideration for my next release! Thanks for listening brother!