Power Ambient

same guy that gave us this in 05/06:

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great album. his previous 2 are def worth getting as well; whole label back cat actually imo

Wire review wrote it off as "a spectacle"

link? or is it just in the magazine?

do they mean spectacle in the situationist sense?

in the mag
not sure

“This mix is an experiment in collage and is part of a sketchbook of ideas for the next project I’m working on. I’ve recently been working with electroacoustic methods of composition and listening to a lot of what would best be described as academic electronic music.

Even though a lot of this music attempts a kind of compositional rigor, it often feels anti-structural to me. I’m interested in this approach after finishing work on a record which has a very clear mechanical system at its heart. There is very little connective logic between these tracks to me so the construction of the mix felt more about testing their differences which created some interesting possibilities.

The world currently seems impossible to describe using logical statements so discontinuities feel a lot more potent to me now. For a long time, I’d forgotten the extent to which sound composition can navigate the territories of conflicts, instability and the unthinkable aspects of our world.”

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that ^^ goes so well with this trailer from SN Film Club thread

Lawrence English is Aussie too.

ah, didn’t know
I’ll listen to that next
but I’m really enjoying this now
altho it could be the smidge of hydromorphone I’ve taken to ease pain of infected jaw

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Aziz LIGHT!!!