Presets won't load in Serum

Hi there,

I’ve got a problem with a collab, when my friend sends me his work, nothing loads in Serum and it stays on “Init”. I don’t have this problem when i’m loading my own projects, and neither does he.
We are both on FL 12

Any idea ?

Both of you probably have diffrent versions of serum

or different presets? can your friend save his serum preset and send you that too? idk serum so i’m just guessing

Enzo => Idk he can open my presets but I can’t open mine when he send back the file without touching it

swerver => That’s an option indeed, but it would take a lot of time to select the presets each time he has to work on it and send it back :frowning:

Do you have the newest version of serum? Trying to open presets made with a newer version of serum with an older version usually results in it being the init preset or whatever you were already on. I had the same problem.

Alright I had the wrong version you were right !

Thank you all, especially bummer! :slight_smile:

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I can’t get my presets from ghosthack to load into the latest version of Serum. I’ve tried everything I know. If you guys can please help me, I’ll be extremely thankful.

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