Preview of my first dubstep track - Feedback appreciated

Hey there folks,

I’ve been producing for a few months now. All I produced by now was D&B.
So, here it is.
All Feedback is appreciated!


No one? Nothing?

Boring intro with too few elements, samples sound bad, generic drum pattern, not musically interesting, heard-them-before-wubs, very static / needs more grove / human feel.

Work harder, make more, analyze music you like, try learning the piano / music theory.

Lack of replies either indicates that there is nothing to critique, or that there is so much that is really bad at a very basic level of production that it’s hard to critique at all other than “work more”.

Thanks for your critique.
What samples do you mean? The only samples I used were the vocal samples. I made all the sounds by myself.
But thanks anyway!

Did you make all your drums with synths?
Gotta have more than four note loops on an intro that long. Just becomes droney, not in a good way. The stabby sounds you bring in are alright, but the progression of that synth on the intro needs variation!
Atm, this track just sounds like a mish-mash of tracks that have been called dubstep, but nothing essential or unique about it. When you try to make dubstep, don’t just try to sound like successful dubstep producers. The reason those producers are successful within dubstep is because they sound like producers who’re successful outside of it. It’s the kind of genre where sounding like you don’t exactly fit in does you favors.

like MorrisJessle said you kind of just have a a bunch of randomness going on in the drop. All the sounds fit together in that order but there is no direction to what’s happening.

You need to think of the drop like any other hook or melody. Its just this one happens across different sounds. It needs to be catchy and sound like one complete idea, like any other hock would.

I was referring to the drum samples.
While it’s fun to create your own, and to be fair you did a decent job imo, I think that if you want to make this kind of dubstep I’d recommend getting a high quality sample pack.

Leviathan from Black Octopus
reFx Vengeance has a new essential dubstep out


If you’re afraid that others might call you out on using this and that sample pack, screw them. Nobody cares in the end anyway. It’s about the music/art just as much as it is about the craft.

Didn’t check how the new vengeance pack sounded. Bleh, just find some hq stuff and you’ll be good to go.

Tbh, I think everybody cringes a little when they hear vengeance samples.

“Everybody”, as in “the small percentage of the worlds population that makes dubstep”? :stuck_out_tongue:

You’d be surprised. I knew a girl in high school who hated the sound of vengeancy type drums who had never produced at all. That said, she also hated 808 snares.

Thanks at all for your comments! Very helpful!
How I said, I’m producing for about 10 weeks now. And Dubstep is a bit tricky at the beginning.
I got a vengeance, but doesn’t everybody uses them?
However, I made a new track considering most of your critique. Especially about the drop, which was pretty lame in my first track.
Did this in one day, so it’s not finished, hope it’s ok though.