Primer - Paradoxical Sleep - Feedback Wanted


Tried something a little experimental here. I’m not a mastering engineer so idk about this mixdown. I don’t think the track itself needs any more work really, I’m just not too sure about this mixdown. IMHO it sounds okay, but then again I’ve been listening to this over and over for the past hours and I might be blind to some major errors. What I can kind of hear is some distortion/overdrive artifacting, but if it doesn’t make it sound bad then I’m totally leaving it in. Also this cover, circle or no circle?

Edit: I’m thinking back on it and these low pitch vocals might not sound that good, like they’re supposed to sound creepy but they probably sound silly. Thoughts?

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Hey primer, love your high output!

Im not good at mixdown, too but i feel that the first part sounds a bit too low/deep, but i think that fits to its atmosphere. On the second part the overlayed snare and higher sounding vocal fills the higher freqs, sounds good for me.

Yes the vocal doesnt sound creepy - but somehow melancolic and dreamy, and i think that also fits.
I think the overdrive artifacting doesn’t make it sound bad, but maybe some of the drum elements could be someway sharper, f.e. the hi-hat to give a balance between deep/overdriven and clear sounding stuff?
But like i said, i struggle at these things, too, so i am excited to hear another opinion.

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