Production headphones recommendations?

yo guys. looking to cop some new headphones soon and was after some recommendations.

I used to have AKG K240s which are really good but I find they are lacking in the low end, and whilst this is probably a good thing I find it a lot easier to mix with headphones that have somewhat of a pronounced low end (after referencing/etc)

budget of around 100 quid


Recently got the beyer dt770s, not used them for production yet but they’re well comfy so i reckon they could be worn for long periods without too much drama, and beyer have a good reputation for reference-grade headphones. Also have the sennheiser hd280s (think thats the model anyway) use these on the decks and they’re also pretty good, but i think I’d prefer the beyers for production. Both were under 100 quid.

HD25s I imagine would cover all the bases and good for mixing too?
Edit: bear in mind I have no idea what Im talking about :slight_smile:

yea been looking at the 770s, alot of people say the bass is boosted a bit as well on the newer models so looks like it might be a good choice for me.

They do different models with different impedance ratings too so its worth finding out which ones would suit you depending on what your plugging them in to

yeah ill probably be using my focusrite interface which has a gain knob so should be cool for anything up to 250 ohms

I got DT880 not so long ago and they have really bright and clear sound, but in my opinion they also lack low end bass, like a lot so it’s hard for me to recognize every single frequency with them properly, although i have gotten used to rather strong basses with subwoofer and they are 32Ohm version and i connect them directly to my motherboards internal sound card so it can also be the lack of some sort of amplifier and stuff for me, not sure though because don’t have funds to test anything else, have to stick with what i have for now.
The guy who originally recommended BeyerDynamics for me suggested Custom One Pros since they have some sort of knob to change between open and closed, and i didn’t even buy them… -.- so not sure are they better than Dt880 with bass or anything or in sound general

Denon d2000 or 5000, Focal Spirit Professional, DT990’s.

Those are the best from what I’ve tried. I wouldn’t go too far over 80 ohms without
a dedicated headphone amplifier and I wouldn’t go with on-ear for producing/mixing.

I recently started using BeyerDynamic DT990 pro headphones after using AKG240S for years and years. They’re lovely. What struck me most is that the top end is much more defined (the akgs are warm/dull in comparison), the lows and mids are great too and they’re the most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn.

Also, the DT990s are open-backed, unlike the 770s which are closed. Very basically, closed is better suited for recording/tracking etc, open is for production/engineering/mixing down.

^Take it from someone who has been producing solely on headphones up until one
or two(?) years ago.

He makes a good point. If you’re not in a noisy environment whilst working
on your music, you’re better off with open back.
Despite that fact. I make an exemption for both the Denons and the Focals.
They are damn good with the flattest response I’ve heard.

I got the Sennheiser HD6 mix. Love these, Sennheiser for life now. Only 170

Audio-Technica ATH-M50. Warm, low cost, good amount of bass that you don’t need to turn up too much. Should be able to find for them for under £100 if you shop around.

Yeah these are also very good. The used to be quite a bit cheaper than they are now though.
Not sure if all versions have a detachable cable, but that’s a good feature.

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My Sennheiser HD280 pro have broken after 4 years. Should have seen that coming as I use them both for production and DJing (traveling etc.). Anyway, the right channel has stopped working. I get audio only in the left channel. I guess this has to do with wiring. If I do not find any service or fixing option, I’ll probably buy a new pair. I might just as well upgrade to another model.

Any experiences with 380 pro or the new 300 pro?

+1 for the HD25 - had some for years. Compared to my very flat HD650’s they’re definitely hyped and more energetic at the low end (being closed), and good for ‘feeling’ the music during production, as well as nicely isolating you from the world.

Focal spirit pro

Def my next headphones. Not sure if my Beyerdynamics will ever die though. I doubt it.

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So happy with mine
Literally flat Freq response

It’s kind of uncanny.

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