Production Thoughts

mate is REALLY killing it with these (source direct, paradox, photek tuts)

@Harkat @Paralytik etc etc


It was really knowing how to build a chord and using the available synthesizers at the time and then sampling them.

There was no Serum back then.

more about just sampling pads from things/tunes/CDs tbh
at least with sd, photek and paradox

but this is just about recreating them innit

I like how close he came to the KORG preset sound.

Ye man, been following him for a few months already. Enthusiast. No secrets shared really, but the way he explains it makes sense.

EDIT eyeing my Korg MS2000B, got no issues making pads tbf.

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Flat 9th is the vibe.


Shit goes deep.

@hubb might be fun for u.

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My track sounds like beatboxing mixed with subtle bass