Production Thoughts

mate is REALLY killing it with these (source direct, paradox, photek tuts)

@Harkat @Paralytik etc etc


It was really knowing how to build a chord and using the available synthesizers at the time and then sampling them.

There was no Serum back then.

more about just sampling pads from things/tunes/CDs tbh
at least with sd, photek and paradox

but this is just about recreating them innit

I like how close he came to the KORG preset sound.

Ye man, been following him for a few months already. Enthusiast. No secrets shared really, but the way he explains it makes sense.

EDIT eyeing my Korg MS2000B, got no issues making pads tbf.


Flat 9th is the vibe.


Shit goes deep.

@hubb might be fun for u.

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My track sounds like beatboxing mixed with subtle bass

Has anyone got a wav or 320 of Hype’s Roll Da Beats?
Trying to make a little 150 remix and don’t want to use a youtube rip

Wait we doing Embers Breaks again?


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It’s alive and well. Thriving actually.


Bro just low pass it and put a slight phase with a bit of chorus on it


No idea why WAV costs more than FLAC here lol

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Nice one didn’t bother looking for it coz I didnt think it’d be available

Saw Benn Jordan showing this off on Youtube, looks pretty fun.

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lol why its on steam tho… I think I got recommended that video a few times but never bothered to watch

I’m unsure why it’s on Steam. I suspect the dev maybe got into programming through games? I dunno. Here’s the trailer on Youtube, shows off some of the functionality if you can’t be arsed to watch the Benn Jordan vid.



Good stuff gets released on steam sometimes.

Cathodemer is one of my fav applications of all time and it’s a steam release


Damn, that one looks amazing.