Professional and not necessary cheap synth designing course?

Hello brahs, im looking for courses of making sounds with massive/serum/whatever, It can be expensive if it is PRO, I want to reach that moment when you hear any kind of sound and u know how to get an aproach of them.

Anyone knows???

What type of music are you making?

Lol just because it’s “pro” doesn’t mean it’s good. There’s tons of good free videos on YouTube. Seemlessr has a serum tutorial I believe. If you want “pro” courses I’ll teach you for $200

Trap - dubstep

I mean i want to get on “serious” on the business. If u record vids Ill pay u those 200€ and more. I cant attent to live-courses

You can’t get better by throwing money at something. You have to throw time at it. Spend a lot of time at the daw. Mess with every knob and button and vst. Learn some basics like what a saw wave is and how it’s different from a square. Learn what a super saw is.

Yes, im computer science engineer, and this is a new challenge to me, I know how a wave is done and how FM works, but for example:

1- take u there jack u: 0:49

i dont know how to start to do that kind of synth

2-troyboi-afthours: 1:05


So, i dont want a tutorial to get the sound, I want to learn and one day arrive to a sound and say “that is done by using bbalbalab and then using balbalab”. The same way that now I usually know how a drum pattern is done, what samples it uses, etc…

That’s your answer, money spent =/= knowledge

spend the money on expensive synths and expensive drugs instead. you’ll end up making more interesting sounds and better music than if you’d just pissed the money away on getting some nerd to teach you how to reverse engineer other people’s knob twiddling.

1st tune is an 808 with some sampled shit layered on top. flick through some samples for a while til you get stuff which fit together coherently and sit nicely on top of the kick.
2nd one, dunno, but reason’s malstrom could do that easily. probably a preset which sounds 80% there. i’d guess it’s just a fairly standard synth with the PWM turned up or down a lot. flick through some presets for a few minutes then twiddle knobs bro.

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Yeah pretty much this… Except dont spend money on synths and shit. Just sit on the computer for about a year straight tweaking shit until you can make semi decent music.

And most people in this scene are pretty much nerds… You know with sitting on the computer all day making robot noises.

Honestly paying people to help you learn shit is pretty douchy IMO… All youll end up with is knowledge on how to make the same basic shit every other basic ass rich kid producer makes. And if people found out you payed hella money to get your sound, youll probably get shunned.

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Id forget about paying for tutors or whatever and just get reading Start here:

Bought a hard copy of this years ago but its available free online now
Free download

Not free but also a quality resource

PS Im not Simon Cann honest

protip: arrangement over “sound design”

will pm u my paypal deets