Projektile vomitron

So here’s the deal. I have been off and on dubstep forum for several years now. my last visit was when the old forum was around. I was an active member for a while then life got busy. I have trolled here and there since, and all the while im making music. Here I am again its been about a year since my last visit. I had to create a new user because I no longer use or remember my old email. I get on when i can , but dont really have time for conversations and etc. I Dont mean to be that guy that all he wants is input on his music and doesnt ever post or reply anything else, but my life just doesnt have time. I barely have time to produce as is. All that being said, I hope your still reading because im in a pickle. I have gotten to the point in my producing that I feel like im not going anywhere, and that I stil suck. Been doing it for 5 years and I feel i should be better. I dont have anyone to tell me if I suck or not, and the ones that I do have all tell me im good, but they are family and my wife so I assume they are just telling me this because they are nice. Anyways enough rambling. Can you guys just tell me if I suck and should move on or not?


Also I feel like its worth mentioning that I do 90% of the synthesis myself. Not a big fan of presets for some reason. :grinning:

You’re being that guy.

Mixing isn’t very good. Actually, listened further than the first track and it’s quite consistently bad. Sample choice for snares is pretty bait too.
I think Gnarly’s your best tune though. Other than the snare the drums are nice on it. Secret Ninja starts well, but the growls are bait. I think you should do a bit less of the kick drum build ups. It really detracts from any potential of a surprise on the next 16 if I’m expecting something to happen. And you’re not doing anything particularly exciting once the fill ends and the next section begins. Also, your original synths sound very familiar.

Not intentionally :unamused: . Obviously I have time now because im on, and checking shit out and leaving my mark other places, but this is a very rare occasion. the only reason im on now is because Producing was stale tonight, and the wife isnt home.

Mixing isn’t bad at all. Maybe you just don’t like the mastering or the style of his sounds, but i couldn’t hear too many sounds interfere with each other. I think you just don’t like his style.
His kicks could stand out a little bit more and maybe he shouldn’t use that much noise in the background yeah. But the sounds where fairly well mixed.

The snares are lost too, seems like he’s tried to compensate them and other elements with compression but then things just sound flat and undynamic. I’m not particularly a fan of the sound, but I don’t go about just telling people their mixing is bad because I don’t like their music, and will tell someone their mixing is bad even if I do like their music.

And for your question about not moving forward. Maybe you just feel like that. Take some time off music. Clear your head. Don’t rush things and enjoy the process. It wouldn’t be fun at all if you would just open up a DAW the very first day and completely master your craft right?
If you have too much going on in your head you won’t be able to make good music.
It all comes down to what makes YOU smile at the end of the day ;). The only one that can tell you your music is bad is yourself. We as listeners can never know what you thought while making the tune. Only take it and appreciate it. Or leave it.

Sorry. By kicks i meant drums -.- stupid me :stuck_out_tongue:
And i do think he got dynamics. But just a bit too much. The difference between bassline and the other stuff is a little to much ^^

Thanks for the input guys. I am aware that my mixing needs work. I guess that’s what happens when you spend so much time learning synthesis and less time on mixing. I do however mix my music. I’ll try to pull my drums up a bit out of the mix and see if that helps. Honestly I’m more worried about my creativity, and song flow than I am mixing at the moment just because I feel like I’m not being creative enough when making my songs flow. I think your right I need to take a break. I try to produce every single day even if it’s just a synthesis session. Maybe I should let my brain rest. I love producing music it’s just that sometimes I feel like I’m trying to force something that’s just mediocre. Sometimes I feel like I’m an artist who can’t draw or something. Maybe I’m just over thinking things. Anyways thanks for the heads up guys :grinning:

One small tip i can give you is to try and approach your music a bit different. You know a lot of people got a set work flow. Starting with the drums then… Just start with something else or try to combine multiple things you have made in the past. Or use the randomize option within a lot of synths to get new ideas.