Ptahdub - Breaks U (Cassette recording, 140 BPM breakbeats)

This is todays jam session Sampled a break and made an old school sounding track

Recorded to cassette tape and back. Lo fi :slight_smile:

I made it 140 so its mixable into a dubstep set. anyone like ?

Hope this doesn’t sound harsh, but i dunno what to make of this
a bit too lo fi for my taste and the break seems to be chopped a bit dodgily.
The main problem is in my opinion that the track doesn’t have any strong element, any focus

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yeah, thanks for the feedback. I think your right about the lack of focus.
Doesn’t really go anywhere… Listening back with fresh ears now…

The lo fi element is not final part of it just bounce everything to cassette cuz I can I do like it tho… Thanks for feedback anyways :slight_smile: