Punk Rock Thread



not displaced the death metal band called death as my favourite band called death

but fucking kool


well its kinda ska^^ but anyway



Thinking I might get nostalgic and go see GBH tomorrow. :hmm:



Where are they playing?!
I used to see them every December in London, but not been for a few years now.
Never ever get bored of seeing them live.


Berkeley (San Francisco Bay Area).


Yeah I’d jump on that I think.

This is good timing ronz because word just got out that Wire is finally playing in the Netherlands again. Not exactly punk anymore, but I love their latest album.


I didn’t know there is a documentary about the Bad Brains. I don’t think it was released.

It is kind of sad to see HR’s mental state. I’m mean he’s all about love but he just seems off.

He is one of the most brilliant singers of all time.


I just watched this. Good docu. Nice thriving scene in South Central and East LA.



This was the first punk record I bought, DK Halloween.


(give it a bit…)


Bloody hell, this is nuts

Resolution, an 11-day festival of all things punk, will return to it’s spiritual home, the 100 Club, for the third time in January 2017. Resolution celebrates the bands and musicians who kick started the movement and those who continue to breathe new life into it today. Featuring artists including UK SUBS; The Vibrators; The Boys; street punk band, GBH; Subhumans; Nick Cash (999); ANWL; TV Smith; Discharge and many more to be announced, it promises to be one hell of a way to welcome the new year.

Thursday 5th THE VIBRATORS + The Ramonas + Nick Cash 999
Friday 6th THE BOYS + The Vulz
Saturday 7th ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE + Borrowed Time
Sunday 8th TV SMITH & THE BORED TEENAGERS + The Screaming Dead + The Setbacks
Tuesday 10th SEX PISTOLS EXPERIENCE + Ed Tudor Pole
Wednesday 11th SUBHUMANS + The A Heads
Thursday 12th DISCHARGE + Sick On The Bus
Friday 13th GBH + Criminal Mind + The Vile
Saturday 14th UK SUBS + Menace + Desperate Measures
Sunday 15th THE LURKERS + Knock Off + The Blue Carpet Band



Copped this at Dodo Beach in Berlin. Sick record.


Saw LAMF last night - Mike Ness, Glen Matlock, Clem Burke, and Walter Lure (some of you might recognize those names from their old bands) - doing a Johnny Thunders tribute.

Spent the whole show in the pit pretty much. This came on and I was howling along.


For my elmos


Going to see the new UUUU project tonight. Not really punk, but it’s like half of Wire
joined by Tim Lewis from Coil. Should be pretty good.



having a crack rock steady day



Watch this:

I know Exene’s voice (female co-singer) isn’t everyone’s cup but holy fucking shit, the players in the band - especially the drummer and lead guitarist - were INSANELY talented musicians. Super inspiring to watch them casually play 6 different instruments virtuosically and drop crazy 3/4 polyrhythms and shit and then play such a minimalist, raw sound. God damn. Might have to bust out the old cassette of “Los Angeles” again now.