Punk Rock Thread


I was just thinking about Rock & Roll gas stations.


How’d I miss this?







I was hugely influenced by 70s/80s punk in my first attempt at production… Massive respect to anyone who recognises any samples in there…





Fuck off




such an album

love the singers voice sounds like some demented street preacher


b-dum b-dum



Smoking weed with their drummer Troy in 1989… good times. I thought they were all straightedge but it was just Kevin.



Man, I know you have some stories…


Sure do. Feel free to ply me with liquor if ever you’re in SF. I got some doozies.

Like playing in my old band in a Viet mafia bar that had a weekly punk night. The ceiling was about 6 and a half feet from the stage (the performers before were all Viet and not typically 6’5" like me lol). I dropped into a crouch, started the set, and kept getting pelted by these little sticks that I couldn’t tell what they were - the stage lights were literally in my face. Finally a few songs in I squatted down and picked one up… it was a syringe. Someone had been throwing syringes at me for the last 15 minutes. Luckily they were all capped and unused but it scared the fuck out of me then.

Ah youth.


Haha that is lunacy. I take it you played bass or guitar?