Pure Phase dubs (sub foundation) circa 2007 Free D/L

These made around 2007 just sticking them up on Bandcamp. Going through some of the archives worth sharing that never got released. Free D/L.

I’ve also stuck the vocal e.p on there that we did which features Om Unit’s Remix.

There was a vinyl only release we did with Excision, (if I’ve got the digital files I’ll stick them up because that’s not available anywhere. Kind of pre-streaming days).

Hope you enjoy.

You used to post as pure phase?
Check my forum dubs archive… im pretty sure i have some of your old bits

Yeh back on the old forum. I have seen that archive of yours where you put all the DSF dubs up. Nice one, it actually jogged my memory a bit. Alot of really good tunes in there, there was so many good tunes being posted up.

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