Quest,Must Die!, Script sounddesign

Hay Guys it is me again !

so I catch myself listening to Must Die!,Quest and Script (also Vyill) a lot latley and I was wondering how do they make these highpitched sounds they have in their Drop ? (sound starts 0:52)

I know it must be something comb filtery but I am lost with the rest like I dont even know where to start to make it so gritty and I guess Resonance heavy…does any of you guys have some tips for these kind of sounds? would realy appreciate it thanks ^^

e: I am using Serum a lot so tips with Serum would be cool ^^

Push ? :o

IMO the key to get this kind of sound is choosing the right wavetable, then add some EQ to create some vowels and stuff.

Here I got some examples with Acid wavetable on Serum
Same wavetable, squarified and changed Bend +/- to PWM

Im pretty sure you can archieve these sounds through lots of different ways, but you can hear how the same sound lost a lot of that “hight pitch character” just tweaking a few things.

Sorry if my explanation is not the best, my english is lame. :^]

I hope you find this helpful : ]

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thanks man! helped a lot !

There’s a free software to create your own wavetables for Serum. Im not at home now but I can link it to you as soon as I arrive. It may help you to get the sound you want.


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