Quick question about dubstep mastering!

First of all, I apologize for posting similar type of questions like spam :hamburger:

So, have you guys all seen this vid?

I’m just trying remaking sound to learn how they make the song…

from this video, from 8:20~ MUST DIE uses redux before ozone…
I thought redux makes mess with whole dynamix…??
Also, why are they using OZONE4 instead of 5 or 6? lol budget problem?

Ps: If you scan MUST DIE!'s old song like Culture, Charm Chain with Ozone’s imager and if you solo band 4 ( >10kHz), there is not much mono signals. So I figured why, and i think he definetly used Ozone 5’s imager or previous ver. of ozone! cuz there is offset feature for ozone5’s imager!

sorry for my bad eng, thank you guys all for answering my question!

Ah this is my shitty remake in progress and original!



@Gatineau can we get a sub forum for “must die” production questions? swear down every other thread is someone asking about “must die”…


@Gatineau I agree, we need that then we can just stop askin the question about MUST DIE! in other thread…
But most of, everyone asking about his growl types of question, so it’s meaningless if there is already official growl thread

boy in a band lol

Why are they using Ozone 4, and not 5 or 6? Because Ozone 4 is perfectly suited for use. “It aint the tools” yadayada

Why is there little mono above 10k? Because many EDM producers make things wider the higher up in frequency you go. I guess the concept’s been expanded upon and pushed further and further. Especially with this type of really horribly over pushed, over produced sound. It’s production concepts gone mad really. “lets do everything we possibly can to everything… twice”. And also because most people generally don’t know what they’re doing and cover up crap musicality with technical prolificacy…

I like that you’re trying to learn, and I hope that once you’ve rinsed this type of resource for what it’s worth you move on to more appealing sound palettes. I personally can’t stand such lowest common denominator tripe.

p.s. Am I just getting old or is that video in the OP wayyy too over the top? It’s like ADHD made a video :smiley:

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