RA.765 Calibre

Just in case this passes by anyone. Various tempos, some bits from the upcoming 140 album. Looking fwd to it

Suso Saiz & Suzanne Kraft - Tortoise And Hare [Music From Memory]
Calibre - Soylent Soul [Signature dub]
Charlemagne Palestine - Strumming Music [Aguirre]
Calibre - Colby Park [Signature]
GES - TheCooCooBird [Anthology of American Pop Music]
Gonçalo F Cardoso - The Life And Death Of A 21st Century Drone Machine [Discrepant
Calibre & DRS Vs. Mark Ernestus - Bad [Signature]
Calibre - Over The Top [The Nothing Special]
Calibre & DRS - Signature [Signature]
Good Times - Calibre [Signature]
SP:MC - Slugfest [Sentry]
Calibre - Break That [The Nothing Special]
Calibre & Cimone - Time To Breathe [Signature]
Calibre - Runtun [Signature dub]
Calibre - Rust [The Nothing Special]
Krust - It’s A Lot (Calibre Remix) [Crosstown Rebels]
Calibre - Cross The Line [Signature dub]
Calibre - Guide You Through [Signature]
Calibre - Pillow Dub [Signature]
Krust - Portal [31]
Tapes And Topographies - Light Leak [Past Inside The Present]

A lot of good tunes but that one at 38 mins with the murky synth, I think may be Runtun? Belter :cannon:


Which tune is it at 24 mins?

Fairly sure that is Calibre & DRS - Signature

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Damn why did he call it that lol can’t find it anywhere

There was a calibre 140 set either last year or the year before, but it was at fire so sacked it off for a better venue. Looking forward to having a listen to this though