Rad ableton tutorials

slightly fiddlier technique that incorporates ping pong delay,

this technique, or more simply just putting compression after reverb has been so useful for me, makes the stock reverb sound a lot better and the mix a lot clearer as it’s preserving the attack of sounds rather than washing through the whole time

this is the easiest cool effect to drop on synths, or get more life in hats etc

so what u guys been watching

and have you got a good one for drum sample layering, been using this technique for a while but i always get a pretty similar sound and drum hits without much tail…


Can’t figure out how to embed videos but Dubspot have some good vids. This one introduced me to the concept of 128s and definitely found it a time saver when auditioning drums, might help you out with the layering too if you load up a selection of snares and then can just scroll through for good combinations (although it would be MIDI so timing might not be that tight depending on how pernickety one is).

bit of a facepalm moment watching this

never thought to click that button, that extra view makes the whole sidechaining thing make a bit more sense, easier to get it at the right setting too

I love sadowick’s tutorials. Mr. Bill has some good ones too. They are really experienced Ableton users who always have good tricks that I would have never thought about.

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probably more useful for like pounding techno but still kinda neat