RAM question

Know fuck all about computers so might sound like a stupid question but i have 4GB of RAM In my imac, is it worth upgrading for Ableton use?
I’m guessing i have 4 x1 GB sticks in there.
So maybe buy an 8GB stick for about £50 which is fuk all and replace for one of the 1GB sticks?

First of all, I have to ask what version of Ableton are you running and are you running a 64 bit version?

The 32 bit version can only take 4 GB of RAM while the 64 bit versions can handle more.

64 bit is the future.

Also, what iMac version are you running?

Not sure kind of memory configuration those have, but that second sentence is a bad idea. You generally want your memory to be matched. Same size, same manufacturer.

Ableton 9,
Not sure about about which bit version i am running, how do i check?

Ah now you mention about mactjing RAMs i think i remember that from school lol.
What about just one 8GB stick then thete is room for future upgrades and if i sell it etc

My Mac is 5k 27” late 2014

EDIT: Oh shit just turned on my Mac to check memory and there is already 2 x 4 GB sticks lol
So i have 8GB already.
That is more than enough anyway i’m guessing?

EDIT AGAIN: ok just found out i am running 64bit

More is always better in regards to RAM, but 8 GB is fine. I only have 8 GB in my laptop at the moment and I have rarely maxed it out. Although Firefox is turning out to be a memory hog so I like to have that shut down while I’m producing.

Anyways, that 8 GB of RAM will not make a difference if you are running the 32 bit version of Ableton which can only handle up to 4 GB.

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Ah, very good.

So if i am on 64 bit then 8gb will suffice?
Just thinking about if i get add ons (or whatever they are called) in the future
Also i usually have itunes open, downloading multiple WAVs off Bandcamp etc, sometimes it seems like it is about to freeze, dunno if that is something that getting more RAM would sort out?

Yeah, more RAM will help sort that out. Just make sure you match what you have installed or buy a matched set of RAM. Same size and same manufacturer.

Mismatched sticks of RAM will probably cause all sorts of problems. It may work but your computer will most likely be complaining.

Cheers mate, so get 2 X 4GB sticks of RAM so i have 4 X 4GB sticks alltogether.
Is the manufacturer that important then?

That could work, although you might consider 2 x 8 GB sticks of RAM.

Having the same size RAM but from different manufacturers can lead to errors and unpredictability in my experience.

I recommend that your RAM is matched.

Right i am looking at alot more money then,
Was just going to get these:


To go with the 2 x 4GB i already have making 16GB alltogether. But i assume the manufacturer will be different.

Looking at £134 if i want to upgrade then


Could just find out what manufacturer they are and get 2 X 4GB if same manufacturer i suppose but then there is no room for future upgrades if i ever (doubt i would) need it

Thinking about upgrading the RAM from 8 to 16GB in my ‘gaming’ laptop (Thinkpad T430 lel) as i’m going to change the HDD.
Not sure if it’s worth it though, as the performance bottleneck would be the integrated graphics card

More ram the better, that’s what I say.