Random dubstep-related thoughts



My cynical money’s on this. Grab some goon like stormzy and call in yer radio one contacts and bam skreams doing grime sets for festival £££££


Or pull another one of these


Some of the dnb boys made their best contribution to dubstep thru breakstep e.g. Reso, Protocol X


only 12000 have seen this 2006 interview with Skream
the interviewer is annoying at times but she gets the background down
he plays some ElB and his own tracks
including his first dubby & minimal tech tracks
and what he describes as the only track he’ll ever do with a grime mc
(Tapped with JME)
in other words, he’s still exploring.
And this is referenced of course

at the time he reckons he’s playing 60% of his own stuff


that was his first tour of Oz in October 2006
did he get to NZ too?


I remember when Dubstep Warz was airing. That was right around the time that I joined DSF too. Can’t believe that was 12 years ago already.


I don’t feel nostalgic for that time
particularly as a lot of people were doing it really tough then
but I certainly value it as an exciting time
and the influence of the internet on dubstep becoming a worldwide underground thing
being remarked upon as a new phenomena
rings true to me.

Yet it was created within a tight crew
sharing an in-house experience of bass-weight,
that was replicated in the little scenes around the world.
It is this appreciation of the live experience
that seems to be the enduring link between us.


Nah, I think it too him a few years to make it here. Maybe 08 or 09

Benga came in 2007 and I remember him telling me that it was his 18th Birthday so I brought him a load of drinks all night. I’ve just checked his wikipedia and it turns out that he was lying. ■■■■


it’s weird but I’ve got this memory of Benga coming here before Skream,
early in 06 with Coki & playing Void.
I remember him being incredibly joyous, it being a great night.
& exchanging friendly greetings with him.
I guess I was pretty out of it
but I can’t find any evidence of Benga being out here then.


Sounds like you got Bengo’d mate


in 08/09 Benga wouldn’t have known what century he was in.


can we officially acknowledge a proper dubstep revival yet
and come out from hiding?






What about now?


yeah, what about now?


what about today?


what time?


:thinking: 1:40 am?


that’d be a strange time to come out of hiding
how about 10am during morning tea?