Random dubstep-related thoughts


What does this actually mean?


that’s been happening yeah, check this out


not the worst tune I’ve heard
(particularly from Hospital Records)
but what’s a Fax Machine?


It sends a paper copy of any paper document to another fax machine. They connect through fax numbers, like how phones connect through phone numbers. Yeah they’re basically printers that can make phone calls. Got replaced by emailing. Now you can do the same thing through email addresses and a normal printer. That’s crazy how you’ve never had to fax. I was assuming that it was a staple thing for pre-digital years.


He wasn’t being serious it’s just his schtick


Idk why I take this place seriously


sorry jizz
I presume everybody knows I’m an idiot.




:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


Oh fuck lol, distorted life is such a banger


makes me wanna go to a night
luckily a few coming up in Sindey soon
Distance, Void 11th anniversary & Youngsta all in May.


AND Pinch with Garage Pressure

that’ll be the one!


samba b2b content streaming rn


Wasn’t big on the gantz ep when it dropped, but it’s really grown on me


Subway is closing up shop after 10+ years in the dubstep game. Shame to see it go. Although I don’t have a 12" from them, it was fun going through their discography back in 2013 when I was getting into the scene. Nicon, the label head, also mentions the “scene divisions” in the interview as well, which is to be expected :badteeth: At least he’s starting another imprint as well.


most dubstep article ever

also wtf are they shutting the doors on subway and starting a new label?

its not like subway was ever laser focused on one aspect of dubstep anyways

also, under control is by far not the best tune they’ve ever released, sucks that the owners think so, most popular maybe, but not biggest .

their first release, for example, still sends the dance floor into heat

shouts to Noah D - Hotta as well

kinda strange thinking back actually, they signed soo many Californian producers to the label back in the day. (many of them bad, but still was p cool to see)


Does White Peach records email notifications about sent orders? They say they do, but I can’t seem to find such a mail when I’ve previously bought from them. Stil waiting for my Commodo plate to show up…


I feel like the purple sound is due a revival, given dubstep seems to be in something of a fertile patch and grime is popping again it seems like the ideal time… I would do it myself but I’m not good at funky melodic stuff


You heard the new joker? Love the outro on it


wooooiiiiii that’s potent!