Random Production Thoughts (lol what colour is my drum bus)


you can see it pretty well on that store page, I think the ‘secret’ is that the tape has to twist as it comes off the reel


What do you mean the tape has to twist? Isn’t only recording on one channel?


because it has to go on the reel and then come back out, if it didn’t twist it would ‘switch’ to the other side of the magnetic tape


Tape theory lol. I’m trying to think this through.





Beat me to it. Yeah.


i used to profess how 3/4 and 6/4 were sick time signatures and everyone defaulting to 4/4 were a bunch of unoriginal tnucs

i now realise i was wrong and for that i apologise

now it has become clear to me that 5/4 is actually the best time signature and everyone who is defaulting to 4/4 are a bunch of unoriginal tnucs


Interesting idea here, rolling off the low end to make the bass drop harder.


5/4 is the one.
One of my most favourite piece’s of music is in 5/4, the Halloween theme.



hipster tnuc


that ridd instantly gave me vibes from the body harvest soundtrack on the n64

it didn’t age well but big up anyone who knew about body harvest


Gives me x files vibes



:notes: :two_women_holding_hands: :musical_note:


Would it be possible to make a makeshift feed loop by doing this?

(If you didn’t get the pic) -
Slot 1 routed to slot 2, then slot 2 routed to slot 3, then slot 3 routed to slot 1


That’s hardly anything new tbf


For you pros sure, but for a newbie like me it’s something I have never thought about.



I think you have your homework cut out for you. :smiley: