Reaching out for some advice from fellow producers about material

So I have been producing about 2 years now and I think I have shown a gradual skill increase, Tighter sound design & engineering throughout my releases.

Just been on my soundcloud listing to all my old material.

Just wondering what to do with these? When do you guys think it’s a good time to move on from your old stuff and remove it? There’s a vast gap between the quality of equalizing and compression from my old tracks to new upcoming releases, Do i keep my old tracks and bring them back to the standards of my new tracks?

Has anyone else been hit with this decision?


When I wasnt happy with my old releases anymore I put them on privat (soundcloud) so I could still listen to them but no one else could I personaly think you should always keep your old tracks for motiviation sake, because you can listen to them and be like “yeah my new Tune is soooo much better than this” and thats what it is all about IMHO so I would say put them on Privat I did that once and now my SC is pretty empty but I am happy with that because now there is place for the new stuff to be released :slight_smile:


I keep everything tbh, unless it sounds like total shit

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