Read Me Not

This post has no meaningful content.

Haha, been there.

I’m a rebel

Of course I’ll read it.

good title for click bait

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Wait, was this thread abandoned and then tucked away to Meta?

My thread was actually about nothing.

I moved it myself, but yeah basically.

Read it again. Whole thing up and down. Wallow in your sorrow.

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I’m, like, mashing my face in this thread like a parolee in a stripper’s rack.

Still in here.

im not in here

Where are we?

What is this Meta place?

I refuse
and will read whatever I so desire
despite your pathetic desires.

The world & existence
is about perversity
not your pathetic wants.

Just read this again naked.

You guys, I never said you couldn’t read this thread. I never challenged your courage to do so. I only asked that you didn’t, but if you insist on hurting my feelings by reading and posting in it, that’s totally on you.

I was joking. I didn’t think you guys would actually stop.

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You’re not my real dad!! I’ll read it if I want!!