READ ME: The Production forum is not for feedback on your tunes

Any posts for feedback in Production after 12/11/15 will just get deleted.

As it means you cant read and if you cant read then whats the point of people giving you feedback.

If you want feedback go here:

Peace :gunfinger:


mandem needing feedback on their posting etiquette


real talk the dubs forum needs to not be a feedback/arrangment/almost finished what you guys think thread also. Finihsed product only imo.

yeah I agree, Ive yet to work out how to create a feedback sub forum though

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“Hey guys! I just made a new track, str8 banger - fusion between trance and trap, I call it tranpce. Give me feedback!”


Ah well.

hey guys i’m new here, trying to get those really harsh metallic barely Alive growls can anyone help

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need zomboy snare. send me FL save.

ember breaks

I dunno…it sounds like Ember Breaks is going strong…

PS…it is now E-Breaks…get with it yo

Could somebody re-explain this meme?

What about just making a sticky in the dubs or production forum for unfinished tracks

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I have an unfinished working project. What should I do to upload it? Also I can’t bounce it. Should I get help? I don’t know how to finish it. I may need help. How should I finish? I can’t finish. Help!

EDIT: Also, you spelled ‘forum’ wrong.