Reason 9.5 will support VSTs

Not really to bothered about this tbh, Thor is as good as any VST i used when on fruity and with all the propellerhead add ons already available the possibilities are pretty much endless already…what do you think faultier, This something you’ve been waiting for ?

nah lol, i’m not even using reason, just assumed this would be of interest to local reason users

if anything this pisses me off as i’m a QA tester for music softwares so it means i have another host i need to test software against :corncry:

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reason doesnt need vst suport imo but what ever i suppose theres nothing it cant do now

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Cool. Might be coming in handy for me. There’s probably some nice tools for a visual mixdown as I do not have good enough speakers for that to do it all by ear.

Whats a QA Tester ?? Sounds fun ! :slight_smile:

If this was reason 3.0 it would have taken over


I could never get down with Reason’s sequencer. When I was still using Reason, I would just re-wire it into Ableton and it was all gravy. I don’t think I could go to Reason as a primary DAW.

just out of interest what is it u dont like about it

Seems like reason is pretty far behind the curve if this is the case. I’m glad I learned Ableton for my first DAW, I don’t think I’d be able to switch knowing what I know now.

It never needed vsts bro.

Tbh some of the soft synths were and still are way ahead of anything else out there. Esp Thor sound wise.

It’s more of a thing people tend to rewire thru other stuff tho it’s rarely used on its own from what people tell me. However I use reason 5 still standalone lmao

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Interesting. Yeah I don’t know shit about it. I’ll have to check out Thor because i’ve heard multiple good things about it in the last couple of days.

I checked out Thor and I have to say I’m really not impressed. Are there other notable softsynths you use in reason?

Lol what was it that unimpressed u.

Any subtractive/wavetable synth pales in comparison imo. Yes I’m talking about massive. Thor literally does most types of synthesis

Also the reverse unit and scream distortion unit are probs the best out side of the UA plugins.

Imo ofc

All of the synths in reason have a reason to be there and are all dope. Especially malstrom which is like a simplified granular.

A lot of the old dubstep bassline were made in subtraktor

I was already getting deep into Ableton and liked their sequencer better. I would just rewire Reason when I wanted to use it. I haven’t used it for years though.

The last version of Reason that I had was 2.5 like ten years ago for some perspective.



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Reason 4 was so good… just the sampler that put me off. This is The Good News though

If Thor sounds shit, you’ve only spent like an hour on it :stuck_out_tongue:


There r people on my Facebook saying they won’t ever use vst to keep reason ‘pure’ in the new version.

Reason is dubstep personified lol.

Spoiler alert: they both suck most of the time


Is reason still going? Thought they stopped making it. I used to have reason 4.

I hated it, could never get my head around it, same as with fruity loops or ableton, which is why I always stayed with cubase.