Record Store Day


Fuck all this, theres no way id buy that shit. I was out of my mind with withdraws when i made this


If these are the highlights they should drop RSD alltogether.


There’s a few other bits worth getting. Flowdan & Wiley LPs, a mungos hifi 7" quite a few reggae bits actually.

Full list is here:


Haven’t been to a RSD in years I remember quing for the Mala remix of Grace Jones so excited and nervous about getting or not getting a copy :lol_og:
Walking out all smug with my copy then seeing it on every record site the next day lol.

Repress of this though:

Absolutely T for tremendous :gunfinger:


I picked up a copy of legalize it the last time i went.
Do they do one every year? Lol


Lol damn


That full list is great thanks. Most stoked on that DJ Hype & Timeless 2017 EP, highly doubt ill cop anything else

Been sweet if Flowdan was dropping Horror Show Style b/w Loefah VIP


RSD is not really aimed at truheds, they kno we already spend most of our income on the black crack, the target audience are people who buy the smiths greatest hits on a picture disc and don’t even own a turntable imo tbh



Some of the reissues are ridiculous, LPs that you can get for less than £5 on discogs don’t need repressing!!


Saw on twitter someone getting hype about a Little Mix RSD release. Fucking Little Mix.



Didn’t clock the Green Bay Dub reissue, gonna have to hope a few copies survive for general sale