Record stores in London for dubstep

Ez all the heads out there!

This weekend I’ll be traveling to London, and will be staying there for five days. Figured that I might stop by some good record stores for some crate digging. So, where do I go for a good selection of dubstep plates? Will be staying in at Brick Lane, any good places nearby? Might as well add that I’m open for roots and dub as well!


You wont find much tbh.

Brick lane puts you near Rough Trade East, pretty decent for all genres and I want to say Flashback? is around there as well.
Soho you have Phonica and Sound of the Universe. SOTU is usually better for dubstep etc
Notting Hill you have a second hand shop that I forget the name of and another Rough Trade, then you can go down to the place they sold midnight but the name escapes me.
Rye wax in peckham is arguably the best record shop about atm, but you prob wont find much dubstep. Then you have another one up the road which I have again forgot the name of lol, they are hot on discogs so you will find £30 copys of old grime tunes etc.

Probably forgetting a few place tbh

Honest Jon’s usually has a top-a-top selection (first one johnlenham forgot). They’re big on dub and reggae aswell.
There’s a third record shop right around the corner from Sounds of the Universe, or a bit further down the street when coming from Phonica, mostly second-hand stuff… worth checking out if you’re in the area.

I think Reckless is the one jrkhands is thinking of, they’re good for second hand stuff. Sister Ray is on the same street and has a decent selection of most genres.

The second hand shop in Notting Hill johnlenham is thinking of is probably the Music & Video Exchange, they’re good, and there’s another MVE in Greenwich which is also good.

There’s also YAM records in Peckham, and Rat records in Camberwell where you can find good stuff.

YAM is the one I forgot, yeah CD exchange used to be in soho as well, It was my fav as you could get loads of random bits in there. got a few Goth Trad releases for waaay under discogs price.

Sister Ray opposite reckless records in soho aswell

Yeah these guys are all hot on discogs prices so its fairly rare you will find something good. Sisterray has good stock overrall tho

Pretty decent seleccy in Reckless and Sister Ray last time I went in.

Flashback in Islington is good too, pretty big shop with a decent range of formats/genres there was a place called Haggle down the road from there but I think it may have closed.

Is the Music Video Exchange in Soho still open? Those shops are kind of hit and miss but still worth a look. Don’t ask the staff for help though, they’re miserable bastards.

One in soho has got shutdown same for all the shops in that row

haggle shut

sister ray’s has a really good selection of new bits and represses times when i’ve been in the past

flashback in angel is my favourite, can’t rely on them having quality but they get good 140 in quite a bit, so all my percys in the stack are from there- ie coki bits, grime bits

think they have a discogs priced copy of tunnidge- geddeon/face melt atm

their brick lane branch is aite too, had some wiley, random trio in last time i was there

Sorry for necromancy but this topic is just what I was looking for!

Topic is from 2015 but what’s the situation today? Will be staying in London 7th—17th of July so 10 days of digging ahead!
And the weuros, Ghetts gig and a Kode9 album release party. Very stoked!

Let me know if you have any suggestions!


Pretty much all the ones mentioned so far. Check out disc world in Deptford as well - has some dubstep , but lots of garage, breaks, dnb & some techno selections as well


Yup (called planet wax now tho).
Excellent selection and the peeps running are a lovely lot too


Planet Wax selection is nothing short of insane, especially their dnb


I always end up leaving with more records than I planned to get when I visit there


Hahaha mate me too. Always come out with bits I probably wouldn’t have normally bought online and end up discovering some absolutely wicked stuff. Staff are sound as fuck and their speaker system sounds so peng