Recording Mixes onto your phone...? Anyone do this?

Any of you android (or apple) crew use a USB-OTG and recording software, or a converter for their headphone socket/mic to record mixes?

I’d like an easier option for doing a quick record when i pop down my studio, or when i’m playing out, that doesn’t entail taking out my laptop
looking at this app for recording: alongside a Usb midi interface, and going into the phones micro USB with the USB-OTG.

Or do you think it would be a better option to just buy a digital recorder with line in function? (Zoom H4N for example)
cheers in advance

That´s pretty neat. Going to take a look at this after work.
Tbh i always use the PC mic in as the mixer is always hooked up to it anyway. I never DJ´ed out of house anyway except for that one party of a friend…

i was thinking this the other day, but i didn’t look into it. i know a few people have the digi recorders but i was wondering about recording directly to phone.

i’m gonna cop the app after work and give it a little roll out later so will report back
reviews seem pretty good and i have a USD-OTG adapter that came with the s7 so should be easy to try :smile:

yeah let me know!

How does this work? you can convert a normal USB cable from telephone to soundcard? Cannot imagine Android supporting that… Or is it USB to 3,5mm input?

I only see these things when i googled:

bit more detail on it here:

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looks interesting, but from the looks of it, if i have to drag my interface and possibly a powered USB hub, it may well be worth it buying a portable recorder
Interested to hear what it’s like for you

It’s a USB standard.
It’s usually handled by the app itself, not Android. Android has only limited support for USB audio devices, and some apps could require a rooted device depending on the phone.

Newer phones can handle recording better especially the Cortex-A57 phones like Galaxy S6 type phones, but mine lagged quite a bit (older Krait CPU) and had issues with long recordings. When I got rid of Android and switched to Cyanogenmod it worked better, probably due to less bloat.

But yeah it’s worthwhile to try it. At least give it a go before dropping cash on something like an H4n. I love my H4n but it’s big and I don’t always feel like taking it everywhere, so it’s nice to have recording capability on a phone. Here is a list of supported devices and info:

I don’t know what sound quality you’re after but my ghetto way to do this was just using one of these cables from the mixer to my phone 3.5mm jack, then recording it through recforge 2

It only records in mono but did the job, I recorded hour long mixes through that setup

Can confirm the app works great via USB, recording in stereo wav, aiff, etc. Samsung S7
. sounds great

So you need a powered USB hub alongside the app and cable then? They relatively cheap or nah?

yes i am just using a cheap Behringer UCA 202 (30 quid tops) which i had spare. You can get other basic ones for around £20 at the cheapest

Record out of mixer, RCA cable into behringer interface, usb of the interface into USB-OTG connector on phone (s7), and the app records brilliantly. no latency issues. This is gonna be such a useful tool. :sunglasses:

Decent, might look into this. You said it works perfectly fine on your s7 so I’m gonna assume it should still be good in the s6

Wub used to mention something you could pick up for about £80 that plugs into the Rec out and does all the work

nice idea, bout time phone apps did something useful.

recorded radio onto phone last night, sounds super clean listening back in the car! 100% recommend this app


Figured this out a few weeks ago. Using a nexus 6, an OTG cable and I think a behriner ufo 202. Sounds fantastic. Highly recommended for Android users.

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