Red Bull Culture Clash

Anyone know how to stream it outside the U.K.?

i’m trying to find a way also lol

tried some proxies but none worked so far

Worked for me.

didn’t work for me


Worked here no problems.

Created an account, downloaded the app, logged in, and set country to UK. Now I’m streaming the youtube page at

Just over an hour till the clash starts.

1 BigUp

aight big ups it worked now, it didnt work when I tried to access from youtube directly!!

Anybody locked onto the stream?

Stream has been saying ‘Live stream is starting soon’ for nearly 30 mins.

Stream is live now with another countdown.

Starts properly at half 7 though

Yeah, just clocked the countdown timer on the page.

jheez Eskimo Dance have been fucking wack.


lol what a mess from eskimo

shitty dubs all over

I caught the last round and it was dire

how shit can it be

“Adele” dubs

“What sound them test I dun kno”
-Drake, 2016.

adele and drake dubplates

what a time to be alive

tbh I’d do shameful things for a record of Drake bigging me up. :badteeth: