[Release] FDN03 - Trends / Neon Beats / Neffa-T / Habitat / Aphix

[SIZE=20][COLOR=gray]It’s Foundation[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[SIZE=15][COLOR=black][URL=“https://soundcloud.com/itsfoundation/sets/fdn03-trends-neon-beats-neffa”]FDN03 - Our first Vinyl release![/URL][/COLOR][/SIZE]

[COLOR=blue][SIZE=15]It’s Foundation presents our first ever vinyl release.
The tracks:
[COLOR=red]A) Trends and Neon Beats - Show you
B1) Neffa-T - Poison Clan
B2) Habitat - Dun Ya Dance[/COLOR]

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big release!

Ahh so this is the label you were talking about at Radar awhile back. Will check this when i get home!