Hi guys,

Some of you may have bought some of our releases so thank you! Lots more going forward.

Some of you also may have pre-ordered the repress of Wiley - Ice Master through Reloadz, Redeye, or White Peach. Just wanted to apologise for the long wait on that one, insane delays for what ever reason that i didn’t seem to get an answer for. I have them now along with 002 (Spooky, Asa & Sorrow) so all orders through Reloadz will be sent out on Monday. If you ordered through Redeye or Whitepeach i am sending them their copies on Monday so fingers crossed you should have it by the end of next week by the latest.

There is a few copies of 001 & 002 left over so head over to if you want to grab one to be shipped tomorrow.

Thanks for the support.