Rethink's dubs

Thought I’d take Johney’s idea

Percussion is pretty nice. The synths are decent as well.Vocal sample seems a bit out of place and cuts abruptly at times. Nice rolling bass, though.

Thanks for the feedback man! I really appreciate it.

This ones a little different. Super moody, emotional and shit. Let me know what you think.

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Just finished this one up. A lot more agressive sounding than usual.


digging this, could i have a copy?

Hi! This track was pretty cool. Especially the vocal at the beginning talking about humanity as a virus. It really fit with the nasty wubs!

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Thanks for the feedback guys, that No Mammal tune just came together so quick and naturally.

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New one. Let me know what yall think

like the warmth of piano compared to tinnier synth of other tracks
what is distinctive about your tracks are those underlying loops & fragments of sub
You incorporate vocal samples really well too.
Break at 2.13 with bass whir is nice.

These aren’t exactly dubs anymore but they just got released on stance audio. Free download! Check em out if you’d like <3

this one is super heavy nice work

Thanks man. I defo enjoyed the whirr. Usually im not able to get a sound like that.

Today I made a tune and vipd it. I have no idea what I did really but I tried some unconventional techniques and got some wobbles with a crazy amount of movement.

New one I did staying up all night. Feels a lot different than my others

Thought I’d share this one with yall. Thoughts on the mixdown?

Im not really sure why I did this but I mashed up Mala’s changes with The Game’s Holy Water which samples Mala. Hopefully you guys like it