Returning to production, need advice on setup!

If I gave you £1,500 and told you all I have is a sound card and some decent monitor speakers, which setup would you go for? Mac or PC, Logic, Cubase, Reason?

I’m paying for all this so that would include any VSTs I’d need for logic. I’m really trying to suss out if I can do it with a high end spec PC and Reason (alone). Last time was Logic+Mac.

Thoughts guys?

See if you can try out all the different DAWs, and then decide which one you work best with. Everyone has their own unique workflow, so it’s best to see for yourself, as pretty much every major DAW out there can get you the same results. It’s all about which one gets you there fastest :smile:

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Thanks very much for your input guys.

I think I’m going to go back down the PC route and get Reason. The last time I had a PC I used FL then Reason then Cubase. Reason I found to be the quickest to get my ideas down, per Augment’s comment, so I’ll see how it’s changed since Reason 4. Think they’re on 8 now!

Get Reaper as a DAW, it’s free unless you pay and it’s actually pretty good.

I’d build my own PC with that cash too. Also, passive speakers with a separate amp. That way I can upgrade as I want and still afford a good set up to start with.

Id buy a couple elektron boxes then save up for an “ok” laptop to multitrack my songs to and mix itb.