Reuvbolmet - LAYER 1 (EP) [future garage]


Would’t be ‘future garage’ if it didnt have the rain samples ay ? :stuck_out_tongue:

i’d say the atmosphere (rain/crackle) is mixed a bit high, i would liked to have heard more of the bass in the intro.

up to where i’ ve heard so far this sounds really unique composition wise… your doing some interesting things with the way the different stages interact with one another… i’m hoping it stays like this rather than dropping into some full blown garage !

the way you use that panned shaker sound is really nice. i can see what you were tryna do with the reverb on the snare, though i would say there is a bit much for my liking…

the way you keep the vocal in the background makes it a bit mysterious as i cant quite work out weather it’s something ‘desi’ or ‘anglo’

i’m sure you’ve had the comparison but it definitely has a strong burial ‘vibe’ to it but it doesent sound as though it’s copying him !

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I don’t exactly know where to categorize to my music. This sounded as closest what I tought. :smile:

Thanks for the feedback I will improve it! :slight_smile:

Yes I really like Burial and similar artists, their music really affected me.