Rhythm & Sound Thread

I’m personally a big fan of the stuff with the artists, I think it’s cos I’m not a massive techno fan

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I like both, just depends what mood I’m in.

Can anyone tell me what release the track at 36min on this mix is from http://tumblklaat.tumblr.com/post/2532103824/rhythm-sound-mix-by-pressure

It’s on the tracklist as Rhythm & Sound Ft. Tikiman - Unknown Version but I just can’t figure out where to get it. I’m probably being stupid. Need it though, heard Ben UFO play it at the Laundry the other week and it was life changing standing by the stack.

Also can anyone say what the sound quality/bass is like on the LP compilation of the versions? Thinking of getting it cos don’t have money for all the singles at the moment, but won’t if it’s not worth it.

I’ve got the Artists LP and it sounds great, it’s quieter, but still sounds very clear with good bass

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Mango Drive

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that’s got such a nice bassline!


there’s a bunch of cool tunes on burial mix but overall i prefer r&s

The albums were all quite beautifully mastered; no issues playing them out. just turn up the channel gain a little innit.

also check out their Basic Channel dub techno stuff, really deep


This is an interesting one. reminds me a LOT of the early Fat Freddies bsides @Shum

think this is at 33 and the OG is at 45 but i’ve lost count of the amount of times i’ve completely zoned out to this video

Love how this one just swings along

wow spent all of this time trying to figure out why it wasn’t letting me embed youtube with bbcode and turns out you just have to post the stupid url :hankey:

anyway here are the og versions of no partial and mash down babylon.

if I had to choose a single label to own the whole catalogue of, it’d most likely be wackie’s. incredible quality…

when it comes to r&s, these are my two favourite cuts. one is straight 4x4 dub techno, and probably their most iconic release. the other is a deep riddim, clocking in at 140bpm (see why I love it so much? haha) and getting those two lovely voices to shine. brilliant work.

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yeah thar’s my favourite r&s vocal as well

tried getting in some wackies stuff. not for me tbh

Bumping this one today