Riddles mix for Converge

Deserves its own thread as well tbh


From @Riddles
Epoch - Attraction Dub [IMX001]
Quest - Overcome [IMRV012]
Killawatt & Ipman ‎– Darkplace [TEMPA079]
Hirzu vs Aranha & Particle - Seeker [dub]
Lyeform - Mass [dub]
Ishan Sound - Namkha [TEC077]
Fat Freddy’s Drop - Cay’s Crays (Digital Mystikz Version) [KART012]
Goth-Trad ‎– Sinker [MEDI 89]
Phrex & Orson - Miss Collin [dub]
Skeptical - Echo Dub [TEMPA092]
Headhunter - Stand Alone [TRSK001]

Dubs from @phrex / @hirszu / @Lye_Form / @particle_jim and @TRUSIKs most recent release.
Pretty funny at 8-10mins I was like WHAT ARE THESE TUUUNEESS haha


WIll cop for car in a minute when im home from work. ez

Thanks for the mention and support!

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Downloaded it today to listen on the train, but the sound is reaaally low?

is it? I can re-up it louder if you give me a bit.


Louder DL link

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Yeah, turned to volumen up to max and it was still quiet


clicked louder one

I thought it was fine but then I guess my set-up is headphones via laptop so I have to have it at half volume or ill go deaf.

Cheers for support Tom!

I think mass is coming out on a 12" in a bit


uwot? big up man, def let us know what the deal is on that as details emerge

Cool mix man, the Cays Cray - Sinker blend sounds really good. Wish I owned Cay’s Cray…

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Cheers man, I think that was my favourite blend too.

big up brother!!

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yeah that sinker mix was too sick, got me excited for when i can finally start mixing with it

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