RISE ( Comming Soon ) by Marz

something new im working on,alot of robot noises, and loud abrasive noises. just got the initial drop,verse, and lead into the break laid out, hopefully will get the 2nd half done this week. Intro is too long.I intend to omit/ condense some of it. hope u guys dig, Please let me know what you think, if u have ideas etc it is always appreciated. In addition will repost for repost on sc

Tbh it’s great up until you send the main instruments to the front of the mix with the plastic snare dry…

Seriously thought up until about 2:00 I thought it was amazing!

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i went looking for your music on the dubs for feedback section but couldn’t find you, if u have a soundcloud id gladly check some of your stuff out. Also if you don’t mind, i have one more question about your comment on the snare being dry. Are u referring to its lack of a “low mid” thump?, because its got some pretty hefty reverb on it.

maybe an additional snare layer would help

Sorry I feel a bit mean (I drank all day and night yesterday, forgot I even wrote that)

It just sounds a bit basic to me, if you applied all the wetness to the bit after 2:00 I think it’d probably sound a lot cooler!

lol so i went back and ya it has no verb on it, ya dry as fuck thanx

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The intro reminded me of Haunted, would be cool to keep that vibe up for the whole track

Soak that snare toooooo!

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That intro is insane but the drop does not do it for me personally.

Thanx Dude appreciate the feedback. I dont like it either, i got a little over zealous when i uploaded. I have since scrapped it.

Currently its sitting in my project folder as a dnb track

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