Rising hard punchy wobble synth thing?!?

Hear this sound on a lot of tracks and have no idea how to make it, have no idea what its called, or how to describe it so I feel examples are in order hahaha



Sure there are many other examples but these two sprung to mind :smile:

Im on Logic and don’t run massive so if anyone has any help/ideas, it would be gladly appreciated

Safe! :smile:

Could just be a bass with a longer attack time, probably an lfo or something on there to give it the wobble

Cheers for the reply!

I kinda figured that, just concerned to how they might make the punchiness of each wobble :slight_smile:

Some kind of distortion maybe? Truth be told I’m still in the process of figuring things out so I may not be the best help haha

The distortion being used here is "bitcrushing"
Look up a bitcrushing vst, there’s one with three sliders on it that’s a greenish colour, it’s the simplest one and the only one I bother drawing for because these days I’m a CPU conservationist, but once you get your head around it you can get onto some others like “geektronic”, which have cool additional features.

When going for these types of basses with an LP filter envelope/LFO on the cutoff, you’ll probably want to turn up the resonance.

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i swear its to do with the shape of the lfo like you want a square or a saw or a triangle or something so each wob has like no attack, idk how to explain it better but ye basically dont just use a sine for the lfo shape try a sharper looking waveform

Yeah you can do that, I just use envelopes because I like to play it at different rates without having to automate the LFO/have different instances of the patch.

those pads sound really similar lol

actually that catacombs tune sounds like a total copy of the original Soundman, what the hell

Basically sawtooth LFO pattern on the filter. A bit of resonance. Maybe try to send the LFO to the pitch a little bit to add a little bit of pluckiness. Also there is an envelope on the filter with a long attack AMD maybe sent slightly to amp gain too. It has a bit crusher on it for graininess. I think a good base sound would be detuned squares.
I haven’t tried it but off the top of my head that will get u close. Sorry about the random order and thought process.
Also that catacombs thun g is a propper bite

Ere yar lads I have no idea what I was on about saying I got a similar sound…

After a few weeks I came back to itnot realise that I am nowhere near, just can’t get it!