Here’s the deal.

Maximum one streamable link to your music per post, no spamming.

You MUST post feedback on a minimum of two tunes before you post your own

Constructive feedback only.

If someone comments on your tune return the feedback.


I don’t understand why this is different to dubs board or ninja dubs club.

Secret Ninja is in the Hideout so can’t be seen by non-members.

Or what about just the regular tuna thread, which is in production

It works differently I feel.

Instead of submitting tunes via PM you post them in the thread, also there’s feedback rules.


Well there’s basic feedback courtesy at the tuna. Also I feel like it could easily get out of hand/be too slow depending on how many people respond. One cohesive thing once a week is plenty imo.

Ok I agree.

Mods lock down da thread dem say!