Roll with the punches mixing method

So in a thread the other day I saw people briefly touch on what makes RWTP tricky to mix with (for those who don’t know what that is/can’t remember). It’s doing my head in because it was incredibly simple but I can’t remember. Pls hlp

play it on beat 2 of the track you’re mixing into. or mix in from the first kick and its 48 bars to the drop

What phigs said. Beatmatch it beforehand, start it on the 2 and don’t touch the record / pitch fader before the drums on RWTP come in, else you’re guaranteed to fuck it up.

when i learned this, it was probably the most useful the forum has ever been for me. hahah

kowton remix is a bit more dj friendly imo. not as good tho

still bangs, and probably the best remix anyone could’ve hoped for.

yeah definitely

i still wish the harmonimix remix got released tho

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Cheers guys. Incidentally drew for the Kowton Dub mix earlier.

those little woodblocks in first 16 bars help a lot - 3rd beat/snare

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yeah ^ that

while we’re all here

artwork- red

it’s kick snare kick + snare right, second snare is on like 3.5th beat? i’m so incompetent but lately been finding that second snare clanging horribly with other tunes

nah its a 16th later. so like 3.75 if you want it in decimals lol

I don’t think I’ve ever heard it on a system.

Om Unit pulled for it at his System appearance. Don’t think my kneecaps will ever recover.

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That sounds like massive pain in the tits

tbh if you don’t manage to keep it in the mix because of that element you should maybe start thinking about a career in tech hau5.

Admittedly I made that assumption not actually having any idea what implication it would have on mixing, it just sounded awkward. I guess in practice it has slim to none

well i had to ask…
throws me off that 1 snares in and the second sounds way out…

Yeah, think it’s got a little bit of swing on it too.