Ruff sample-based 140 bpm track / looking for feedback

Hey folks
i have some dirty sample-based hip hop inspired dubstep stuff which is waiting for some feedback!

My plans are to lengthen it up a bit, add some more variations and some effects.
Any fedback is appriciated!

Also thank all of you guys who wrote some words for my other tunes!


nice vibes. I like the instrumental. Girls voice I didn’t like (just my opinion).

Followed you on soundcloud. Def want to hear more.

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id say the sampling is on point well done dude, tune is really cool

id maybe like to hear a little more variation over all and maybe some more reverby stuff to fill out the sides of the mix

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Hey wehlfest & Samuel, thank you for your feedback!

@wehlfest: Thanks! Interesting - Some ppl say that the voices are fitting very good, other say they don’t. Seem to be a very subjective thing.
Thanks for following! I have a lot of private tracks on SC, if you want i can send you some and we share some feedback to private tracks? Followed you back.

@Samuel_L_Damnson : Thanks, mate! Yes, some variations are missing, it’s more a sketch so far. I will try to add some reverb here and there.
The sample is a pitched-down guitar-sample, taken from vinyl.

Any other opinions? :slight_smile:

nice one ^^
The voice sound a bit weird and out of tune, even if it’s not…

this guitar sample is amazing, but i personnally think it doesnt match with the voices, but that’s only my opinion :slight_smile:

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Hey phil, thank you for your honest feedback - very apriciated :slight_smile:

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