Rumble - is it good?

Sounds like he tried to French it, but unfortunately fails miserably at that attempt too.

2007 banlieue:

@Ryan .

"In an interview for Dummy in 2005, Justice said that it wanted a strong concept for each record it put out, and with this one, the duo wanted to keep people guessing. Asked in an interview whether their cross-based themes had received any negative feedback, De Rosnay said, “Eighty percent of France is Christian. My Dad was a bit uncertain and thought it was bad taste, but I was like, This is what I want to do Dad. It’s odd because in America we have received support from Christian groups thanking us for spreading the word. We do not invert the cross and I suppose they think we look like nice guys so there has not been a problem.”

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Wow. I never knew that about Justice. It just goes to show that humanity doesn’t f**k around when it comes to the cross.

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When I fell in love with early dubstep I remember thinking ‘wow, this is so clean. The cleanness really comes through on these compressed 96kbps radio rips.’