Running a night

Ez lads, me and some mates have begun talking about putting on a night some point this year hopefully. Gonna be doing some of our own research, but just curious if anyone here has any tips etc… from their own experiences


What kind of music?

if you can avoid dealing with agents then do ! oh and paying for facebook sponsored posts is a waste of money


Probably not gonna focus on any one genre, so let’s just say “bass music”

it’s a good idea to have a few people involved like you are thinking of, it shares the financial burden if you are thinking of booking people.

i’d suggest to avoid booking people tbh unless you have an already ‘popular’ i.e busy venue in mind that will be full nonetheless…

if your going down the route of bookin names then you will be most likely required to do some serious ‘networking’ and the like, in order to get people in. see that as getting friendly with other local promoters and trying to work your way in some way into some sort of ‘scene’…

it’s not nice but if you wan’t to have a successful night and you don’t have an already built up network then your most likely gonna have to knock yourself down a few pegs and be a bit friendly with people who you may otherwise have not…

i’d really say if you’ve got a few of you involved… call it 3-4… then just book yourselves…find a venue you can hire out with a decent soundsystem for £200-250 and build it from the ground up… back yourselves as DJ’s to improve enough to provide a quality nights worth of music between you… if there was 4 of you and you could each set aside £75 a month (inc.flyers + posters + drinks for DJ’s) to put a night on where you get together and play music then it is well worth it…

it could take years to build up to a point wherby you are attracting 150-200 people but truuuust me it would be so much more worth it than just pumping money in and tryna go for glory straight away… take it from somebody who did just that ! it aint worth it mate.

I’ve seen Pev Play to a room of 15 people in a 200 cap venue… in 2013, not 2007…2013 at the height of the livity thing emerging… just because i wasn’t really prepared to play the game… it’s not a nice feeling !

Edit changed to 2013 not 2014 Bcus weed


where you based btw? we probably made money once out of all these parties tbf but that was always going to be the case in northampton and at the end of the day, it was worth it every fucking time

Ahh thank you! Will definitely be keeping this in mind, how much were venues charging when you ran a night? Only been in contact with one venue so far since it’s still early days and they were saying around £300 for hire plus £1200 for security, tech & bar

Slough, but would probably be looking to run it in London since it’s closish and everyone involved apart from one guy lives in or around London

i don’t know owt about throwing parties in london but that seems like absolutely loads of money?

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Pfft that’s fucking ludicrous mate…i suppose it’s LDN… abort abort abort…

jokes aside… if your initial outlay is any more than £500 quid mate your on to a looser… especially starting up…

i have NO experience dealing with anything in LDN so my advice is most likely devoid…

i was getting the room for free in a 150 cap venue and usually spending £500 quid all in…

i made £40 quid one night, when the venue wen’t halves booking the artist with me…

other than that i was usually at least £100 quid down every-time … fortunately that was split between me and a friend, though that didn’t really make it any sweeter.

the first night i did myself i paid £150 for the venue and spent £900 all in and lost about £400.


That was in Birmingham though…

London is a completely different kettle of fish.

i’d hazard a guess to say that… that sorta fee was somewhere akin to corsica ?

they still ripping you off don’t get me wrong. every single fucking venue will treat you like a 16+ birthday party until you roll through and put on a stormin night… they all try it on…

the added benefit with a bigger venue like that is you have less legwork to put in with promotion, corsica for the most part promotes itself… though a big downside with booking in LDN is you have to be Waaay more savvy about the actual date you book in… it takes a LOT of research or a complete fluke to book the actual right day in… there’s just so much competition and other stuff to work around…


As sick as it would be, I don’t think we’re looking to book somewhere like corsica atm haha. Probably just a lowkey venue ideally.

Also if you thought that price was bad, one of my mates is talking about hiring a sound system which apparently would be about £1000 & they wanna do a set. Plus he doesn’t want us to play on the night even though only me and him are the only people who really regularly dj from the group, so really I’m trying to reign him in atm :cornlol:

Noooooooooooooo if they charging you for the sound then they can do one ! no chance of playing a set, complete jokers… most likely turn up an hour before the night like a complete shambles and push the whole night back by an hour whilst setting up… then proceed onto playing ‘a message to you rudy’ on loop for an hour. fuck them.

If your paying that much money £1500 then they need to be providing an adequate system…they just mugging you by the sounds of things…

not tryna put a downer on things for you cos i’m a prick, trust me mate !

The venue that is (1500)

From experience, running in well lit areas is the safest option. Take a whistle or run with a partner if you have concerns about certain neighbourhoods. Also, wear some hi-vis so you’re easily spotted by motorists.



The venue that’s charging 1500 doesn’t have a bad system, but my one mate really wants to have a really good sound system so trynna curb his enthusiasm for that and get a bit realistic. Gonna get in contact with some more venues this week and see what kinda prices are being set

i get you now man,

your doing the right thing imo, not much point in bringing in a bostin system unless you know it’s gonna be ram jam / it’s not gonna cost an arm and a leg.

If your calling up venues then try to have a price in mind, i know it’s difficult being the first time but i know there is a good chance every single one of the fuckers will try and overcharge you if they get even an sniff that your new to it.

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I read the thread title and also assumed it was about nocturnal jogging :joy:


I didn’t realise I put an “at” instead of “a” until your comment :cornlol: