S3M - Dark Sky


This is my track Dark Sky: https://soundcloud.com/s3m_music/dark-sky
My first dubstep track made without presets. Using FM basses made with sytrus and some bells. Would love to hear some feedback on this!



My only tip is that you should make those growly bass hits reaaaaally wide, like as wide as possible. It gives your drop more dynamics, and makes those deep machine gun basses hit a little harder. Also compress those bass hits a lot more if you want to make them a little punchier. Idk if you want to, but personally I think it would sound good.

Ok thanks, I will try!

I like the intro. The sidechain comp is too much… the release a bit slow. Nice drop. I would add more highs on the bass and make it louder and wider. The mix as a whole can have a bit more high end as well. Sounds pretty tight though, nice theme.